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Name : Big size power supply box
Details : Output Power:>500W                              Output Type:Single
Input Voltage:220V, 220VAC/110VAC   Output Voltage:12V, 12VDC/3A/5A
Output Frequency:50/60Hz                     Output Current:2.5A
1.Application: Be applied to building talkbacks and kinds of access controllers, especially electric locks and bolts.
2.Power Input : standard 220VAC OR 110VAC, Power Output: Standard 12VDC,3A/5A
3.Control electric locks or bolts directly, reduce load of access controller
4.Save project wires, lower potential trouble
5.With output NC/NO and delay control circuit
6.Unlock delay time is in 0-10s
7.Short circuit protection.
8.Button input to open electric lock directly.
Normal price : 23000
Special price : 20000




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